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Launched successfully in the mid '90s, COUNTDown is in regular use with major retailers, transport fleets, County Councils,"blue light" services and is now an established favourite with individual diesel motorists.

COUNTDown is added to bulk fuel storage or directly into the fuel tanks of vehicles. Since its launch it has earned a reputation for its effectiveness in reducing vehicle Particulate Emissions, which are harmful to health. Reductions in PM10s by as much as 90% are not uncommon.

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How does COUNTDown Work?

COUNTDown carrier[+]
COUNTDown Carrier

COUNTDown is designed to have a beneficial effect on the combustion process within a diesel engine, with the primary objective of reducing harmful exhaust emissions. It works in two ways:

  1. It acts as a cleaning agent on the finely engineered parts of the fuel system
  2. It influences the combustion process itself, giving a more complete and sustained burn.

For Transport Fleets...

COUNTDown is regularly used by major transport fleets, national retailers, county councils and certain "blue light" services and is now available to individual motorists.

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Premier Profiles Wilkinsons Derbyshire Fire Service Lincolnshire Ambulance Service

Improved Fuel Consumption

Many diesel users have seen deterioration in mpg as a result of running on low sulphur diesel fuel and, in fact, the University of Ulster's report confirms this. Tests by major users have clearly shown that regular use of COUNTDown improves fuel economy. COUNTDown raises fuel lubricity too, (another concern with today's fuel) reducing wear in the diesel pump.

COUNTDown is Safe

COUNTDown is safe for use in all types of diesel fuel, in standard or turbo-charged vehicles, with or without catalysts. COUNTDown meets all relevant ACEA Fuel Charter Standards and can be used with confidence without compromising warranties.

Treatment Ratio

COUNTDown is economical with a treatment ratio of 1 part COUNTDown to 1000 litres diesel fuel.

Pack Sizes

For Commercial Users...

COUNTDown is available in 25-litre drums and 100- or 200-litre barrels. Large users can take advantage of delivery by our own transport with COUNTDown pumped into bulk tanks (1000 litres minimum).

For Individual Motorists...
COUNTDown diesel fuel treatment carrier[+]
COUNTDown Carrier

COUNTDown is available to individual motorists in a specially designed COUNTDown Carrier (shown left), containing 50 "one-shot" per fill re-cyclable plastic bottles, enough for a year's motoring for most users. Each easy-pour bottle treats up to 50 litres. Simply add the contents of a bottle to your tank at every fill. The Carrier costs just £83.59 (plus £8.60 p&p within the UK mainland only.
Please enquire for postage charges to addresses outside the UK mainland).

P.S. The carrier makes an ideal storage container when empty!

COUNTDown 1 ltr bottle[+]
1-litre bottle

Larger users can order the 1 litre graduated bottles in a 3-pack (shown left). 1 litre treats 1000 litres of diesel fuel.

Pack Price is £80.36 (plus £8.60 p&p within the UK mainland only. Please enquire for postage charges to addresses outside the UK mainland).
The 3-pack is ideal for those without bulk fuel dispensing and is being used in mini buses, taxis, coaches and haulage vehicles, to name but a few. Each calibration shows the COUNTDown required to treat 100 litres of diesel fuel, making dosing easy.

Make your diesel go further with COUNTDown!

FREE Window & Fuel Cap Stickers, PLUS money-off voucher with every order for carriers and 3-packs.

COUNTDown Window Sticker
COUNTDown fuel flap sticker

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