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Wilkinsons Particulate Testing[+]
Wilkinsons Particulate

Leading high street retailer and regular COUNTDown user Wilkinson takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, especially when it comes to its transport fleet. With over 200 lorries on the road, including some of the latest Euro 4 specification vehicles, servicing the home and garden retailer's 280 stores in England and Wales, vehicle safety and pollution control are vital. Wilkinson use COUNTDown to maintain very low particulate emissions. To confirm COUNTDown continues to be effective in the fleet, regular trials take place and following the latest extensive 3-month fuel economy trial recently, it was clearly established that the regular use of COUNTDown throughout the fleet improves fuel economy and is exceptionally cost effective.

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)

Martin Hall of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers[+]
Martin Hall:

BTCV operates 325 vehicles and has been using COUNTDown since its introduction with field trials in 1997. Fleet Manager, Martin Hall, wouldn't do without COUNTDown. "The savings from the improvement in fuel consumption usually exceed the cost of treatment, allowing us to drive in a more environmentally sensitive way without it costing us a penny!"

Premier Profiles

Premier Profiles[+]

Premier Profiles has been a regular COUNTDown Diesel Fuel Treatment user for a number of years and, during a three-month trial, recorded savings of 11% on their fuel bill.

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Mr & Mrs Reynolds of Wales

Dear COUNTDown

We own a Toyota Corolla T3 Spirit Diesel and before using COUNTDown we averaged 62 m.p.g. Now with COUNTDown and the current diesel fuel, we are seeing 83.8 mpg! We telephoned your office as we and friends felt that the m.p.g. must be incorrect. However, we hardly ever need to re-fill wheras before it was approximately monthly. Delighted we have found out about your product!

Many thanks

Mr and Mrs Reynolds, Ceredigion, Wales

An HGV customer in Preston, Lancashire

Mr Rowlandson of Preston operates two HGVs and three private vehicles, all running on COUNTDown treated diesel. He says he sees the main benefits as being good economy, low emissions and extended component life. "It's good for the environment and good for my pocket!" he comments.

A high mileage user in Portsmouth

Steve Taylor of Portsmouth is an individual user who drives a high mileage Renault Scenic and is thrilled with COUNTDown. He has seen a 53% improvement on his MoT exhaust test in the year he has been using COUNTDown. He was so impressed that he sent us two MoT readouts as proof of the significant improvement in his car's emissions! Results from other users show similar improvements;

Mr Smart of Poole

phoned to re-order recently. Says he travels 36,000 miles a year and thinks COUNTDown is wonderful!

Russell Jones of Aberystwyth

has been monitoring COUNTDown's performance for some time in his Volvo V70 and noted improved m.p.g. and lower emissions. "Needless to say, I will continue to buy COUNTDown" he said.

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