Oils and Greases

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A range of quality oils to suit all purposes and budgets

Oils for Agriculture and Turf Maintenance


200-litre Course Care 30 Universal Oil

Universal Oil
Course Care 30
Top of the range 15W/30 500 hour Universal Oil suitable for all turf maintenance machinery (except 2-stroke and wet brakes). Can be used in engines, hydraulics, back axles and gear boxes. Incorporates our famous Vivax anti-friction technology.
  Merit Plus 10W/30
A premium CF4/SG oil suited to most turf machinery applications and with Vivax anti-friction technology for real anti-wear protection.
  Merit 10W/30
Same specification and uses as Merit Plus (above) but without Vivax anti-friction technology.
  Agricare 500 hour 15W/30
Universal oil to use in applications as Course Care 30 but without Vivax anti-friction technology. Ideal for use where wet brake systems are fitted.
Easy 2 two-stroke dispenser and oil

Easy 2-stroke dispenser & oil
Two Stroke
Available in a variety of containers from 5 litres upwards, our low ash two-stroke oil is a popular choice. Why not try our Easy 2 Two-Stroke dispenser and oil? It really makes dispensing so easy. Ask for a leafet.
Drum of Turfguard non turf-burning biodegradable hydraulic oil

Turfguard hydraulic oil
Fast becoming a firm favourite, Turfguard is our Non-Turf-Burning Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil. Available in medium or heavy grades and is competitively priced. Dont risk ruined greens - use Turfguard. More info on Turfguard...

Oils for Transport and Automotive


Advanced Fleetcare 15W/40
Top specification SJ/CG4 oil for use in all petrol and diesel engines, including turbos. Can also be used in most gearboxes and back axles. Contains Vivax anti-friction technology to provide maximum protection from wear. 12,000 mile drain period.
Merit Plus 15W/40
A premium CF4/SG oil suited for use in all petrol and diesel engines including turbos and with the added benefit of Vivax anti-friction technology.
Merit 15W/40
Same specification and uses as Merit Plus (above) but without Vivax anti-friction technology.
Multicare 20W/40
Ideal for older engines and plant where a slightly heavier oil is called for. Contains Vivax anti-friction technology for maximum wear protection.
Hydraulic Oil
We stock a range of high quality hydraulic oils to suit most applications. Ask for details and prices.


The ultimate in greasing and protection!

All greases available in pails or cartridges.


WaterShield Max

WaterShield Max
WaterShield Max
The very latest technology offering superb water resistance, enabling operating in extremely wet conditions. Dewatering properties even allow application to saturated surfaces. Extreme pressure (EP) additives and anti-corrosion agents provide protection against premature wear and extend working life of components. Very wide temperature range and exceptionally long lasting.
Highplex Super Plus

Highplex Super Plus
Highplex Super PLUS!
A new addition to the range for those needing Highplex Super performance with the added bonus of a red, high tack formulation.
Highplex Super

Highplex Super
Highplex Super
The grease you know and trust. Long life, excellent corrosion, water resistance and load carrying properties. Wide temperature range.
All Purpose Lithium

All-purpose Lithium
We still do gan mower grease!All Purpose Lithium
A good quality, everyday, inexpensive grease.

Greasing Equipment

Greasing made easy with our greasing equipment from Macnaught. Built to out-last traditional grease guns and featuring high pressure to ensure grease gets through.

K32 single-handed grease gun

K32 Single-handed grease gun
K32 Single-handed Flexigun
Up to 7500 psi greasing pressure and a 3-way fill
K3 super lube

K3 super lube
K3 Superlube
Fantastic performance with two settings offering up to 10,000 psi greasing pressure. Fits standard 12.5 kg pails and provides up to 60 shots from one charge.

The Superlube delivers the performance of an air system at less than half the price! Now with 13" Flexible Extension.


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