Non Turf-Burning, Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil


Drum of Turfguard non turf-burning biodegradable hydraulic oil[+]
hydraulic oil

Turfguard is fully biodegradable and competitively priced. (Compare our price with the major manufacturers' brands!)

Unlike some other vegetable oils, Turfguard will stay in specification, giving you the performance you expect from a quality hydraulic oil.

Available in Medium and Heavy grades - please specify when ordering.

Turfguard is safe to use in all makes of machinery and meets or exceeds manufacturers' specifications. For Turfguard to be fully effective, it is essential that all existing mineral oils are pumped and flushed from the system prior to filling with Turfguard. Flushguard, our own specially formulated flushing oil is idea for this purpose.

Hydraulic spills are really bad news and repair costs can be horrendous.
Don't wait for an accident to happen - use Turfguard!