Vivax Superstar Anti-friction Oil

Vivax Superstar:

Test on two identical bearings, one with and one without Vivax Superstar
Test showing bearings wear

The photographs here show two identical bearings subjected to extreme pressure on the Timken Oil Testing Machine. On the right, a bearing lubricated with conventional oil plus Vivax Superstar, after being subjected to pressure of 700 lbs/in. Note the very small wear scar. On the left is the bearing which failed at 140 lbs/in when lubricated with the same oil without Vivax Superstar. The wear scar is 5 times that of the bearing lubcricated with Vivax Superstar. Proof indeed that Vivax Superstar reduces friction - dramatically!

Boundary Film Lubrication

Drum of Vivax Superstar anti-friction oil[+]
Vivax Superstar
anti-friction oil

Vivax Superstar, with its special anti-friction formulation that will not break down under extreme pressures, penetrates the pores of the metal, forming a tough molecular layer that modifies the surface and enables the main lubrication to operate in a protected environment.

Use Vivax Supestar regularly and see the difference for yourself! Add to your oil each time you fill (use at a ratio 1:5 in engines and 1:10 in gearboxes and final drives to reduce friction, noise and heat generation, all symptoms of wear and energy loss).

Vivax Superstar will also extend the life of your oil.

Vivax Superstar - Powerful Protection from Wear!