Sewage Plant

With over twenty years experience providing below ground water storage and treatment solutions, we offer the very latest in sewage plant for installation where mains drainage is not practical. All are "package sewage plant" for easy installation and to help reduce costs. Three types of plant are available:

Individual plants 

Ideal for single dwellings, greenkeeping/grounds maintenance facilities, rural barn conversions, permanent caravans, etc. Suitable for up to 12 or 20 population equivalents. Two examples are shown here (other models and brands are available).


Individual Sewage Plants
Conder Clereflow ASP 6-20 Activated Sludge Plant
Conder Clereflow ASP 6-20
Activated Sludge Plant

Conder Clereflow leaflet
pdf (1.35MB)
Balmoral CAP 6 Continuous Aeration Plant
Balmoral CAP 6
Continuous Aeration Plant
Balmoral CAP6 leaflet
pdf (1.12MB)

Small scale plants 

These are the solution for housing developments and other small scale projects where access to mains drainage is not available. Small communities or developments in rural areas would be typical applications. Sizes available from 25 up to 50 population equivalents.

Conder Clereflow SAF25-150 Submerged Aerated Filter Technology Plant[+]
Conder SAF 25-150
Submerged Aerated
Filter Technology Plant
SAF 25-150 brochure
pdf (1.81MB)

Large Scale Sewage Plants 

Suitable for larger scale commercial applications. Typical applications would be; schools, golf clubs, leisure facilities, hotels, offices and industrial situations. Sizes available from 75 to 150 population equivalents.

Product Selection

All plant should be specified to comply with the British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads. Our specialists are able to offer advice on the correct choice of plant to meet discharge and your requirements and ensure compliance. We do recommend a site visit to assess and survey once you are ready to proceed.

Product Range 

Our range of sewage plant is large, ranging from simple Septic Tanks to Large Scale Treatment Plants. We are able to supply sewage plant from a number of manufacturers so, if you don't see what you are looking for here, contact us; we are usually able to help!

Sewage Plant Installation  

Sewage Plant installation service[+]
Sewage Plant installation service

We offer a full installation and commissioning service. Service and maintenance is also available.

For Sewage plants and installations - talk to us!
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